What do I do if my car is fire damaged and how much will insurance cover for the damages?
Car Fire

Car fires can result from different causes-from an accident to malfunctions due to defects. In the case of an accident, the fire damage is likely to be covered by auto collision insurance; in a case of fire due to faulty wiring, comprehensive auto insurance is likely to cover the damage. Comprehensive coverage covers damage that occurs from things other than collision. State laws vary whether comprehensive coverage is mandatory, but keep in mind that you may need to purchase it if you finance or lease your vehicle. Typically, comprehensive coverage will cover damages due to engine fires, garage fires, and arson. There are also supplemental fire insurance policies you can purchase that would cover damages to possessions that were inside the vehicle. Supplemental policies are also available for rental vehicles.

When the claim is filed, an insurance adjuster will inspect the vehicle to evaluate the damage. The insurance company would then reimburse for the repair costs, or if the vehicle is a total loss (when the cost to repair is more than what the vehicle is worth), they will send payment for the blue book value of your vehicle).  As with any claim, it is important not to delay in filing a fire damage claim. You do not want to risk waiting too long to file the claim as that might cause a delay in payout on the claim, and in some cases, filing the claim too late may cause it to be denied.