Month: December 2021
  • How to Avoid Being a Distracted Driver

    Distracted driving is a dangerous habit that kills an average of 3,000 people each year. Cell phones are one of the  common distractions that keep drivers from taking their eyes off  the road. In fact, it has become  a... Read More
  • Why is Car Insurance Expensive?

    If your car insurance is too expensive, some common factors can explain your high price. Common causes of excess premiums are age, driver's license, credit history, insurance options, car, and where you live. Anything ... Read More
  • What Happens When You Don't Have Auto Insurance

    If you’re driving or on the road a lot, it’s important to have auto insurance. It protects you as a driver and other people you meet on the road. This is why almost every state in the country has auto insurance require... Read More