Why is Car Insurance Expensive?

If your car insurance is too expensive, some common factors can explain your high price. Common causes of excess premiums are age, driver’s license, credit history, insurance options, car, and where you live. Anything an insurance company claims for damage in connection with an increased chance of an accident will lead to an increase in car insurance premiums. The insurance company sets the price for each driver based on  the driver’s likelihood of making a claim and the cost of that claim. If your insurance company thinks you’re going to make a claim, your rate will go up. 

It may seem obvious, but premiums vary widely from insurance company to insurance company, and  you can pay more than you need if you buy insurance from a high-priced insurance company. Among the top 10 insurance companies across the country, the average insurance price  for a good driver was found to be $438 for a 6-month basic insurance policy. However, the exact same driver could only pay $309 from State Farm or up to $625 from All State. Moving from Allstate to State Farm will reduce the price of this driver by 51%. The only way to make sure you are paying the best price available is to shop  and get quotes from multiple insurance companies.

Car insurance for young drivers was found to be 4.5 times higher than for adult drivers in their mid-30s. Statistically speaking, the main reason for these high prices is that young drivers are  more likely to be involved in a car accident, resulting in high claims for insurance companies. Young men in particular pay a lot of money for car insurance. The difference is offset as the driver gets older, and older women actually pay slightly more than men of the same age-only a few dollars a month. How to save: One of the best ways for young drivers to lower their premiums is to share policies with  older families. We have found that doing this can reduce  overall premiums by 58%. Young drivers can also be eligible for  student discounts or take additional training courses to further reduce prices. There are many factors that affect the state’s premium rate. This includes the minimum compensation level, the number of uninsured drivers, and even the degree of road maintenance. How to Save: We do not necessarily recommend moving to a new neighborhood, city, or state just to reduce your vehicle insurance claims. However, if you’re already thinking about moving, it might be worth looking for some insurance examples to understand the price differences in your new home.

Drivers with records of recent accidents and traffic violations  usually pay significantly higher car insurance premiums than drivers with clean records. According to our analysis, adult drivers  recently involved in an accident pay 42% more for car insurance than drivers without accidents or violations. People convicted of serious traffic violations such as drunk driving may pay higher car insurance premiums because they need to have  SR22 insurance. This is a type of insurance policy for high-risk drivers and requires the SR22 form to be submitted by an insurance company certifying that  the vehicle has the minimum required  insurance coverage. How to Save: In some states, taking a defensive driving course can reduce the impact of your ticket on your records. Unfortunately, the only way to lower the rate after a crash is to wait for it to crash.