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  • What You Should Know About Driving in Bad Weather

    With the holidays and winter approaching, bad climate and threatening riding situations are common. It is essential than ever to exercise secure riding strategies in ordinary icy climate situations which includes rain,... Read More
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    The state of Texas, at 268,597 square miles and 29 million residents, is wide and vast. It is the second most populous state after California. With a state this big, you can expect many natural wonders; and from the Bayou Ben Gardens in Houston to th... Read More
  • How to drive in a thunderstorm/heavy rain

    Driving in a thunderstorm and/or heavy rain is a petrifying experience. Knowing what to do in these situations might not take the situation any easier, but it will help enable you to act instead of panic as you navigate this high-stress situation. If... Read More
  • Your Car Winter Checklist

    Check your tires! - Worn out tire treads are hazardous, especially on ice and harsh weather conditions. With worn out treads your car will be more prone to hydroplaning in the rain. To check to see if your trea... Read More