Staying Prepared and Protected from Natural Disasters

The state of Texas, at 268,597 square miles and 29 million residents, is wide and vast. It is the second most populous state after California. With a state this big, you can expect many natural wonders; and from the Bayou Ben Gardens in Houston to the Big Bend National Park in the southwest, Texas does not disappoint. No one can deny that Texas is a diverse and beautiful state, though it isn’t without its downsides, like any other state and country.

Floods, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and extreme heat can sometimes be an issue in The Lone Star State. Just as with any possible hardships, it is important to be as best prepared as possible to mitigate any damages. Following are just a few tips to keep in mind if and when faced in the aforementioned situations:

  1. Floods

Put together a flood emergency plan with your family. Keep a can opener along with unperishable foods and gallons of water. Keep alert at all times. Walking through flowing water is dangerous and could lead to drowning. Avoid driving but if you must, keep away from moving waters and do not attempt to drive through them.

  1. Hurricanes

Keep an emergency radio and extra batteries so you and your family can stay informed. Make sure you know local evacuation routes. If you are evacuating, leave as soon as you can with your pets if possible. Wear sturdy clothing and shoes.

  1. Thunderstorms

As previously mentioned, keep a radio with plenty of batteries to stay informed of any thunderstorms. Keep away from windows and glass doors in case they are broken by heavy winds. Bring your pets inside with you to safety. Stay away from downed power lines.

  1. Extreme Heat

If you are stuck in extreme heat, the most important thing to do is to keep hydrated; drink plenty of water. If you can, find air conditioning and do not leave people or pets in cars. Wear lightweight clothing. Know the signs of heat stroke so you can get emergency care if needed.

It is important to know how to prepare for each possible situation in the area where you live or will be visiting. After making a preparedness plan with your family, check with your insurance agent to ensure your home is protected for any damages. Homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage resulting from every cause, so make sure to check what your policy covers. At La Familia insurance, we know how important it is for the large number of residents to be protected. With 60 locations, you can visit us in store or by phone or chat through our website. In addition, we are available through Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter. Rest assured, we are here for you.