Month: December 2020
  • How to drive in a thunderstorm/heavy rain

    Driving in a thunderstorm and/or heavy rain is a petrifying experience. Knowing what to do in these situations might not take the situation any easier, but it will help enable you to act instead of panic as you navigate this high-stress situation. If... Read More
  • What’s the Best Car Insurance for a Brand-New Car?

    Buying a new car is always an exciting experience. You might spend hours researching the best value for the model you are interested in. You might also research the models that have back-up camera, Bluetooth, remote start, and leather seats. But some... Read More
  • What’s the difference between car insurance vs. motorcycle insurance?

    If you have a car and are thinking of getting a motorcycle, you will of course have to purchase a separate policy for the motorcycle, though bundling discounts might be available. Although there are any similarities between car and motorcycle insuran... Read More