Month: October 2020
  • The Safest Cars on the Market 2020

    When choosing your next vehicle, it’s important to take into consideration which cars are the safest for you and your family.  The IIHS (The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) has curated a list of their top safety picks for 2020. And whether yo... Read More
  • Get a Quote for a Chance to Win A 4K TV!

    At La Familia Insurance, we are feeling the Halloween spirit and we are celebrating the season by giving you a chance to win a 4K TV! You read that right - you could be the lucky winner of a high definition 4K TV! All you have to do is get a quote... Read More
  • Why Did My Car Insurance Rate Change?

    Why Is Car Insurance Important?

    Car insurance is something that is super important to have because it protects you and others in chance of a collision. We pay into car insurance to ensure that everyone involved is safe and their assets are ... Read More