Get a Quote for a Chance to Win A 4K TV!

At La Familia Insurance, we are feeling the Halloween spirit and we are celebrating the season by giving you a chance to win a 4K TV! You read that right – you could be the lucky winner of a high definition 4K TV!

All you have to do is get a quote from us. We might not be able to celebrate the season as usual due to COVID-19, but with a 4K TV, you can bring the magic home to your family and enjoy the sharper images and colors that the ultra HD TV provides.

With plenty of programs and movies now available in 4K, you can enjoy a big selection of programming choices.

Getting a quote with us is easy: you can call us 888-751-7511, right here on our website, or you can just stop by.

The contest ends on 10/31, so don’t wait to get a quote for your chance to win! At La Familia Insurance, there are no tricks, just treats!