Fire Insurance in Texas

Homes are very important and homeowners insurance will protect you and your house against fires as well as any other unfortunate happenings. Natural disasters are an occurrence in Texas, and we must be prepared should it strike.

What is Fire Insurance?

Fire insurance is a type of insurance that is included in your homeowner’s insurance and covers costs of fire damage to your property. This will also cover your personal belongings, lounging, and meals as well. 

What Will Fire Insurance Not Cover?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy will pay for damage to your home up to its policy limits for fire damage. If it is known that a homeowner purposefully set their house on fire,  it will not be covered by insurance and if you’ve left your house vacant for 30 consecutive days at the time of the fire, it will also not be covered.

At La Familia, we have you covered! Our home insurance will cover your home, garage, and detached buildings on your property against fires. Contact La Familia Auto Insurance today and get a quote from us. You can simply message us or call us at our number, (888) 751-7511.