Protective Clothing Can Prevent Injury

10/28/2013 7:22:13 AM

Motorcyclist on the roadIt’s no secret that motorcycle riders are presented with many dangers on the road. There have been approximately 4,500 motorcycle-related deaths in the past three years alone. Accidents cannot always be prevented, but wearing appropriate protective gear can keep you from getting seriously injured, or even save your life.

You already know the importance of wearing a helmet, but let’s take a closer look at how helmets, and other protective gear, protect you in the event of a crash or fall:

·         Helmet: A helmet is the most important piece of protective gear, shielding your noggin from impact and improving your vision on the road. In fact, helmets have saved over 19,000 lives in the past 20 years. All motorcycle helmets must meet the safety standards of the Department of Transportation, but a helmet with a decal from the Snell Memorial Foundation has passed more rigorous safety tests. Ensure the snug fit of your helmet and replace any helmet that has been compromised in a crash, even if it looks undamaged.

·         Shoes: Proper motorcycle boots will protect your feet and legs, which balance you at a stop and are otherwise exposed to the elements while riding. These specialized boots have a thick rubber sole for traction, are made from protective material with reinforcements in critical areas and provide weather-proof comfort.

·         Gloves: Many people instinctively extend their hands forward in defense while falling. Specialized gloves protect your hands from injuries associated with that instinctive motion, along with protecting your hands from the elements.

·         Leather: There’s a reason, beyond a fashion statement, that bikers wear leather. The material doesn’t “grab” like many other materials, making it more likely that a falling biker will slide, rather than tumble. This advantage can reduce the risk of serious injury.

·         Body armor: Armor made of foam or impact-resistant plastic can be worn under a biker’s clothes for an added layer of protection.

Remember, accidents can occur at any time—even when you’re just running to the store around the corner. Never forgo protective gear just because you’re taking a short drive. During a crash or fall, your gear is the only layer between you and the pavement. Always ride with safety in mind.

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