Power Surges: Home Insurance Coverage

A power surge is defined as an abrupt, brief increase or interruption in the electrical grid of a home. Such occurrences have the potential to overload and potentially harm anything hooked into the wall. 

Is My Home Insurance Coverage for Damage from Power Surges? Your policy and the reason for the power spike will determine the response to this query. Only covered dangers are covered by homeowner’s insurance. Lightning and abrupt unintended damage brought on by intentionally generated electrical currents are two often occurring covered risks that are also frequently the source of power surges. As a result, your insurance will pay for any damage to your personal property caused by a lightning-related power surge. You won’t be covered, though, if the power spike was brought on by an overloaded circuit. More than the typically covered risks are included in certain homeowner’s insurance plans. To go through the contents of your policy, think about scheduling a personal insurance review with your insurance representative.

Numerous insurance companies give extra protection for equipment failure, which includes coverage for appliances, home systems, and smart home gadgets that could be harmed by power surges or other circumstances. This plan has a reduced deductible and no per-item cap. It’s a terrific choice for extra peace of mind if you can afford it. 

It is quite easy to file a claim for damage brought on by power surges. All that is needed are these four steps: Identify the damage: Make a thorough note of every device or appliance that was harmed by the power surge as soon as it is safe to do so. Note the date the surge occurred, the reason it occurred (note “unknown” if you are unsure), and any other crucial information. Think about the deductible: Recall your specific insurance policy’s limitations and deductible. You might not need to file a claim if the damage is below the deductible. Submit a claim: Simply get in touch with your insurance carrier and supply them with the information you documented if you do require insurance coverage.


One of the many unexpected things that might happen to your house is a power surge. Being ready may help you make sure your house is as shielded against power surges as possible and can also assist you in dealing with the fallout if the unexpected occurs. You can feel more secure in your house if you know what you’re protected from and how to avoid power surges in the first place.