La Familia Insurance Remembers Our Heroes – Memorial Day DFW

All of us here at La Familia Auto Insurance want to thank not only our servicemen but the families of those brave soldiers who lost their lives to make sure we continue to celebrate our freedom.  We remember our fallen heroes and thank our active servicemen for giving the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Did you know that traditionally on Memorial Day the flag of the United States is raised quickly to top staff then slowly lowered to half-staff where it stays until noon.  After which the flag is raised again to full-staff.  The half-staff position of the United States flag is symbolic in remembering more than one million men and women that paid the highest price to protect our liberties.  This Memorial Day make sure we do our best to remember the ones on the front lines fighting to keep us safe every day.

There are plenty of activities and parades around Dallas/Fort Worth honoring our veterans and fallen soldiers.  Make sure you go show your support to the families and friends along with everyone in our community.  In observance of Memorial Day La Familia Auto Insurance locations will be on limited hours.  All of our offices will be open from 10 AM – 5 PM instead of our regular times so our employees can partake in their communities’ celebrations.

Happy Memorial Day!

From Your Family at La Familia Insurance