How to Maintain a Safe Workplace

Safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance in order to protect the integrity of your business and the health and wellbeing of your employees. A safe workplace involves a comprehensive combination of security measures, employee guidelines and a clean environment. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these means.

Security Measures

Chances are, you already use commercial-grade locks and dead bolts to secure the premises, but there’s much more you can do. A simple, inexpensive approach could involve installing outdoor motion-sensor lighting and glass break detectors to provide another layer of protection. A more comprehensive approach could involve a burglar alarm, security cameras and electronic ID cards distributed to employees. Criminals prefer easy targets so the harder you make it to break in and get away with it, the lower the chances of a theft occurring.

Employee Guidelines

Just like you want to keep your business’ assets safe, you should also make employee safety a top priority. Explain emergency procedures to new hires and run through drills biannually. Provide thorough training programs and refresher seminars for all employees who use non-standard equipment and/or hazardous materials. Post rules of conduct in break rooms and common areas. To take a step back, it’s also crucial that you hire a reliable, honest staff. Run background checks on all job candidates and make use of their references before deciding on a hire.

Clean Environment

A workplace must be cleaned regularly, just like your home, to rid it of bacteria, germs and other substances that could affect workers’ health. Apart from cleanliness, the workplace must also be clutter-free to prevent accidents such as trips and slips, which are the leading cause of workplace injuries. Scientific studies have concluded that a clean, clutter-free environment contributes to a healthier mental balance, along with anxiety and stress relief.

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