How to Get Cheaper Auto Insurance for Your Teenager

Many parents stress over how expensive auto insurance is for their teenage offspring. Providers typically categorize the under-20 age group as high risk due to the perceived irresponsibility and recklessness of youth. How can you get lower premiums for your child while still securing a policy that gives them everything they need?

One obvious way to do it is to go for a high deductible. However, the deductible has to be paid every time a claim is made. Therefore, policies with higher deductibles can quickly get expensive, even if they have a really low monthly premium. Your teenager is far better off demonstrating to the insurance company that he is lower risk than most other drivers his age.

A high risk vehicle, such as a convertible or a sports car, is unlikely to get insured cheaply, especially if owned by an adolescent. Persuade your kid to choose a sensible and practical 4-door as her first car instead. Although the average youth may not feel very cool in it, such a choice will save a lot of money on premiums. Besides, once a teenager has been on the road for several years and/or has come of age, she can always exchange her car for a fancier model and get that insured instead.

When it comes to auto insurance and teenagers, behavior off the road can be just as important as driving habits. It’s a common belief that someone who’s doing well in school is likely to also be responsible and conscientious in other areas of their life. This is why some insurers take academic records into account when quoting high school students. The higher your teen’s GPA, the cheaper his policy is likely to be. Motivate your child to make an effort in class by offering incentives such as a party, a family day out or accessories for his car.

Teenagers can provide further proof that they’ll be responsible on the road by holding down a job. If your kid is successfully balancing evening or weekend work with her studies, make sure you’ve told your insurance provider this, as she may qualify for a discount.

If you and your teenager are smart about it, you’ll be able to find an insurance policy that is flexible enough to fit your budget without sacrificing suitable protection. Give us a call at 888-751-7511 or visit the La Familia Insurance website to discuss your Dallas auto insurance options.