5 Ways to Become a Safer Driver this Year

Now that the New Year has rolled around, many of us have made resolutions. You might want to make improvements in many parts of your life. One thing you might not have thought of is to become a more responsible driver.

Yes, it may seem like a pointless resolution if you already pay attention to safety. However, there are always ways you can commit to making a better ride for yourself.

How to Make Your Vehicle Safer In 2018

You might have a clean record, affordable insurance rates and stay safe on the road. But few of us are perfect drivers, and there’s always room to improve. If you take steps this year to become a safer vehicle owner, you might save yourself trouble down the road.

  1. Commit to practicing regular vehicle maintenance. Most cars need oil changes, tire rotation and other services every few thousand miles. With regular maintenance, you might be able to prevent breakdowns or repair costs. Maintenance costs will likely cost much less in hindsight than a costly accident.
  2. Pay attention to your tires. These are vital components of your vehicle and help your vehicle remain stable on the road. If your tires become deflated, damaged or tread-worn, this might raise the risk of accidents. Regularly check your tire treads and pressure to maintain balance.
  3. Add security enhancements to your vehicle. Most vehicles nowadays come equipped with car alarms. However, other enhancements can further reduce the chances of theft or vandalism. For example, adding a steering lock or kill switch to the vehicle might help deter burglars. Other enhancements like GPS devices can help drivers detect the location of vehicles. Even simple practices like parking in lighted areas, locking the vehicle, and not leaving valuables in plain view might help secure the vehicle.
  4. Review your auto insurance annually. If you’ve had the same policy for a few years, reviewing it might help you realize where you can adjust your coverage. You might need to increase or decrease your policy limits or deductibles based on your needs. However, don’t do away with important coverage on your policy. It can serve you well following an accident. Talk to your insurance agent about the best way to improve your protection.
  5. Make every effort to become a safer driver. Review your local driving laws and safety regulations. Install a speed monitor on your dash board. Some drivers find it helpful to enroll in defensive driving classes. These courses can help drivers brush up on their skills.

Whatever you do, never throw caution to the wind while driving. You shouldn’t have to deal with an automobile accident in 2018. Take steps now to protect yourself on the road. If you need help from your auto insurance, call our agency or your insurance company today.