Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage for School Buses

8/10/2018 8:31:45 AM

School busSchool bus drivers may need comprehensive insurance to protect themselves and those they drive. Commercial auto insurance may apply in some situations. A complete policy will help the driver and the owner of the vehicle to remain protected. There are a few key things to keep in mind before selecting this type of coverage. Let's look a little bit closer at the topic.

What to Consider with Commercial Auto Insurance for Bus Drivers

School districts or the other owners of the bus will need to protect their asset. State laws differ. However, most drivers will need to have policies to protect themselves as drivers as well. Much like a car insurance plan, this policy needs to address all risks the bus owner and driver face on the open road.

Keep in mind, some school districts will set their own rules for how much and what types of coverage drivers must have. In some cases, the school district will purchase comprehensive policies. In others, especially when the driver owns the bus, the driver will have responsibility here.

Types of Coverage Necessary

Bus drivers will likely need the following types of commercial auto insurance to protect themselves. This is the basic level of care to start with. Discuss options for your needs with your agent.

This coverage protects other people. It applies when a person suffers bodily injury or property loss at the hands of the bus or bus driver. Liability insurance must meet state requirements. However, most districts will need comprehensive plans with additional levels of protection.

Protecting the actual value of the bus is important. The owner of the bus will need to have a comprehensive plan. This will likely include collision insurance. This protects the owner from damage resulting from wrecks. It will need to include comprehensive coverage as well. In this type of coverage, the bus has protection from accidental and unavoidable losses. This may include situations such as storm damage or theft.

Bus drivers hold a great deal of responsibility. There is always an ongoing risk for a mistake to occur. Umbrella insurance is an extension of the existing liability insurance. It provides for a higher level of protection against the significant risks faced. This includes concerns related to bus riders and third parties.

Work with your Dallas commercial auto insurance agent to ensure you have comprehensive protection. Owners and drivers will need policies to match their risks.

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