Protecting Outdoor Assets: Home Insurance and Swing Sets

6/12/2018 2:03:56 PM

playground kidThe backyard can be the ideal place for all types of play. Playgrounds and swing sets are common. You may have a large shed to store all of your unused equipment. You may even have a small seating area or patio.

No matter what is outdoors, these are your assets. You need to take steps to protect these items. Your home insurance policy can help. Let your agent know what is in your backyard. It could impact your insurance coverage.

Let Your Agent Know

If a tree smashes into a swing set, you may want a home insurance policy to pay for it. But, what if the insurance company did not know you owned the swing set? This may mean the insurer does not pay for your losses. Most policies have a per-item limit. They can also limit outside structures to those named on the plan. For this reason, let your agent know about particularly extensive outdoor items.

Keep in mind this applies to liability risks, too. If the neighborhood kid falls off the swing, suffers an injury, and needs care, your liability insurance can help. However, it is more likely to cover the incident if the swing set is on the policy.

This applies to any type of structure in your backyard. Swing sets, pools, and trampolines are the most risk-focused concerns. Agents also need to know about sheds and other outdoor structures. Gazebos, decks, and outdoor kitchens need to be on your policy.

Keep Yourself Protected

Let your agent know what steps you take to minimize risks. Use proper protective materials under the swing set, for example. Be sure professionals build and install all structures. Place fencing around the perimeter of your yard. This keeps others out. You may have a requirement to have a fence around any pool.

Always protect your yard even when you are not home. If your space is not unsafe, you may be liable. This applies even when someone enters your property without permission.

Discuss the options available to you with your home insurance agent. Find out what steps you can take to add these structures to your policy. Then, discuss your coverage limits. Know what to do when you need to file a claim. And, update your policy often. When changes happen in your backyard, contact your agent. And, be sure he or she knows about any accidents that occur.

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