Tips for Saving Money on Gas

Soaring gas prices have forced Americans to find ways to save gas in order to save money. You’ve probably played the price game at some point, looking up gas stations with the lowest price and possibly even driving out of your way to fill up at one of them. But there are more steps you can take to cut down on gas usage, most of which can be practiced every day. Try some of the following techniques:

·         Fully fill your gas tank each time you visit the pump. Adding $10 here and $20 there requires more trips to the gas station, which burns up more gas to complete the errands.

·         Driving at a constant speed maximizes fuel efficiency. Avoid quick accelerations and slamming on the brakes; these processes should be gradual and steady. Keeping a safe follow distance behind other drivers will give you the time to brake more slowly (not to mention, it’s a much safer habit).

·         Most cars achieve optimal fuel efficiency at approximately 55 mph. Drive at this speed whenever possible, within the speed limits and when it’s safe to do so.

·         Properly maintained cars run more efficiently, therefore giving you better gas mileage. Stay on top of routine inspections and fix any issues as soon as possible.

·         Check your tire pressure every month or so and top off the air as needed. Tire pressure can fluctuate rapidly in the cold so this is especially important during winter.

·         Consider carpooling or taking public transportation to get to work. If you live very close, you can even walk or bike, which doubles as exercise.

·         Avoid hauling heavy loads when it’s not necessary. For instance, you may carry sand bags in your trunk during the winter to aid with tire traction. Remove these in the spring to lighten the load.

·         Plan your errands well so you visit stores in the same area of town all in one day, rather than going back to that area several times throughout the week.

·         Park in the shade to prevent gas from evaporating out of your tank. The shade also keeps your car cooler, so you can use less A/C, which also burns gas as you use it.

·         Avoid idling. If you’re going to be stopped for longer than two or three minutes, turn the engine off.

·         When it’s time to purchase a new car, consider buying a hybrid. These cars can easily achieve over 45 miles to the gallon, which is much more than most standard cars. Hybrids can have higher insurance premiums, so check with your agent. If that’s a deal breaker, buy a smaller standard car, which still gets better gas mileage than a larger truck or SUV.

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