Maintenance Tips for Motorcycle Owners

A good biker is also a responsible one. Motorcycles are very sensitive vehicles, and they require specialist attention. If you own a motorcycle, you likely devote a considerable amount of time to your bike.

If you fail to maintain the bike, risks facing both you and the bike increase. You might have an accident that hurts you or someone else, or damages the bike.

Failure to maintain a bike can lead to increased motorcycle insurance risks. You may have to file a claim against your insurance to cover accident damages. Furthermore, if authorities find that negligent maintenance caused an accident, your insurance may deny your claim. Failing to maintain the bike means putting your financial safety on the line.

Proper care can help you prevent incidents on your bike. Keep these tips in mind to keep your bike in good working order:

  • Store your bike appropriately. Most manufacturers recommend owners store bikes in ways that protect it from weather. Keep a bike inside a garage or cover it with a special cover if it is outside.
  • Perform maintenance on your engine, battery, and internal systems. These systems often aren’t as insulated as those on cars. Make sure the systems don’t freeze, melt, leak or corrode.
  • Maintain your tires. Motorcycles need special tires to fit their frames. Tires can also potentially corrode faster than those on an average car. This is due to high travel speeds and different steering methods.
  • Check your wheels. Make sure that spokes and attachments are secure.
  • Ensure that your steering system works. A motorcycle steering system is sensitive and drivers need top-notch steering. Additionally, check to make sure that your steering mount is tightly attached to the bike.
  • Check your throttle system and braking system. If either system malfunctions, a rider could lose control.

A motorcycle is a much more sensitive vehicle than the average car or truck. A malfunction on the bike could lead to damage to the bike or injury to the rider. Thus, proper maintenance can reduce motorcycle insurance risks.

You or a mechanic should perform maintenance on your motorcycle once a year, at minimum. Follow all state regulations to keep your registration and operator’s license active.

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