Libel and Slander Claims Under Home Insurance

People often associate libel and slander with newspapers and television personalities who bicker. Yet, libel and slander are two types of risks you face in your normal life. As a result, you may need insurance to protect you from such claims.

The good news is your home insurance may offer this type of coverage to you. Everyone says something they should not at some point. You might face a lawsuit for these claims. Make sure you have guaranteed financial protection from the potential financial consequences.

Does Your Insurance Cover Libel and Slander?

First, it is important to know that not all home insurance plans cover libel risks. Many will not offer this protection unless you buy this component of the policy. Here’s what to do to make sure you have this protection.

#1: Select a personal injury endorsement for your policy.

Speak to your home insurance provider. Request a personal injury endorsement. This add-on insurance can provide protection from claims of unintentional slander or libel. Remember, insurance covers accidental and unavoidable situations. Having this policy does not give you the ability to attack anyone at any time.

#2: Consider an umbrella insurance policy

If you feel you are a risk for this type of claim, increase your amount of liability insurance. Liability coverage might offer this protection.

To do this, purchase an umbrella liability insurance plan. This is extra coverage beyond what your standard home insurance offers. In doing so, be sure the plan you select will cover libel and slander lawsuits and claims. Some may exclude this type of coverage.

Some home insurance policies are cheaper because they do not provide this coverage. But, a statement you make against someone in passing could put you and your assets at risk for years to come. It is important to have coverage for this type of situation even if you take significant steps to reduce the risks. Speak to your home insurance provider about libel coverage can address your needs.

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