How to Protect Your Property

Many studies have shown that crime rates increase during the summer. Why? Well, the answer is complicated, but researchers have suggested that a few reasons include:  alcohol use and risky behaviors tend to be more common during the summer, and research shows high temperatures can put people in danger and make them more aggressive .

Here are some steps you can take to protect your family and property against these alarming trends. Installing a Security System: Not everyone can afford an expensive security system, but you might be surprised at some  affordable options  you can install yourself. Many of them work with smartphones and/or smart speakers for 24/7 monitoring and  peace of mind while you’re away. Lighting: Motion detectors and exterior lights have been shown to be effective in deterring potential theft. Keep doors and aisles well-lit to prevent break-ins, and consider using a timer for interior light when spending time away from home. Upgrade locks: If you live in an older home, chances are the locks are out of date. Even if your home has decent locks, consider installing smart locks that can be controlled and monitored remotely.

Build a supportive community: Getting to know your neighbors and local business owners is a good way to build a safer community overall. When you know the people in your neighborhood and know where they’re coming and going, you’re more likely to be following each other and noticing something suspicious. It also means  you can call if anything goes wrong, someone to take your mail and someone you can help. Holiday planning: arrange for timely mailing, packages or deliveries; notify your trusted neighbors that you will be away and ask them to keep an eye on your house; consider hiring a house sitter; use  lighting from time to time to give the impression that the house is in use; and make sure all windows and doors are locked before you leave.

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