How to Change Your Flat Tire

Having the knowledge of knowing how to change your tire is something all drivers should know. Flat tires happen all the time and if roadside assistance is too busy, knowing how to change your tire will help you save time and money! All you’ll need is a jack, wrench, and your spare tire (most likely located in the trunk of your car). 

As soon as you realize you have a flat tire, do not brake sharply or make a turn. Slowly slow down and look for a flat, straight stretch of road with a wide shoulder. An empty parking lot would be ideal. Level terrain is good as it prevents the vehicle from rolling. In addition, straight stretches of road are better than curves because oncoming traffic is more likely. Never try to change a tire on a narrow shoulder near an oncoming lane. Move your vehicle until you find a safer place. When driving on a flat surface, there is a risk of damaging the rim, so changing the rim is better than getting hit by an inattentive driver. Once you’ve found a safe spot, park your car and turn on your hazard lights. When preparing to replace a flat tire, always use the parking brake. This will minimize the possibility of the vehicle rolling away. Wheel chocks run in front of or behind the tires to ensure that the car does not roll while locking the punctured tire. If you are replacing the rear wheel, place it in front of the front tires. If you have a flat front tire, place wedges behind the rear wheels. If your vehicle has a hubcap that covers the wheel nuts, it is easier to remove the hubcap before lifting the vehicle. Use the flat end of your wheel wrench to remove the wheel cap. Some hubcaps require the use of a different tool to remove them. Find and read your owner’s manual for the correct procedure to remove a hubcap or wheel cover.

Use the wheel nut wrench to turn the wheel nuts counterclockwise until their resistance is broken. The correct place for the jack is usually under the frame of the vehicle next to the flat tire. Many vehicle frames have molded plastic on the bottom with an exposed area of ​​metal exposed specifically for the jack. To safely lift the vehicle and avoid damage, follow the jack placement instructions in your vehicle’s manual. Begin by completely removing the lug nuts from the wheel. Hold the tire by the treads and carefully pull it towards you until it is completely detached from the rear axle. Lay it on its side so it won’t move. Now place the replacement part on the hub by aligning the rim with the wheel bolts. Replace the wheel nuts on the wheel bolts and tighten them completely by hand. Once they are all on, double check and tighten as much as you can. Tighten the bolts with the wrench. 

Once you’ve replaced your flat tire with the spare, it’s important to check the tire pressure of the spare tire to ensure you’re safe to drive your vehicle. It’s important to get the spare tire replaced at your nearest auto repair shop. La Familia Auto Insurance is committed to helping clients find the car insurance that is a perfect fit for them. When you come to us, you have our promise that we can get you targeted protection at affordable prices, even if you need non-standard insurance options. Don’t hesitate to get a quote on a personalized auto insurance policy right now! Contact us at (888) 751-7511 or request an online quote right now!