How Can I Make My Home Safer?

Your home is generally a safe place but natural disasters and thefts can be inevitable. But there are ways to lessen the damage and make your home a safer living space! Here are some tips to make your home safer. 

Hail Storms

Hail storms can cause significant damage to your belongings if you aren’t prepared. Here are some tips to protect your things and you before the store starts.

Park Your Vehicles in Covered Areas

Try to keep your vehicles inside a covered area to make sure they are protected from any possible damage hail can cause.

Take Furniture and Valuable Inside

Take your furniture inside your house or in a shed to protect them from damage. Make sure grills, bikes, and any outdoor toys are inside as well so they don’t experience any damage.

Stay Away From Windows and Close Curtains

Hail can cause windows to shatter so to be safe stay away from all windows and draw curtains to prevent any glass from coming inside.

High Winds and Tornados

Tornados and high winds can occur with little to no notice so it is important to be safe and take precautions to make your home a safer place.

Place Heavy Objects Close to the Ground

Placing heavy objects close to the ground is important so nothing from above you will hit your head or damage your home. 

Put Covers Over Windows and Doors

Placing covers on doors will help so no glass gets inside and doors stay shut.

Trim or Remove Trees

Trimming or removing trees close to your house can prevent them from causing even more damage to your house. 

Make Sure Any Hazardous Materials Are Away From Food and Water Supplies

Do a check around and inside your home to make sure your water supply is safe from any hazardous materials. The last time you need is tainted water and food.

Fix Any Roofing That May Be Damaged or Loose

Secure your house more by making sure your roof is all intact. If you notice any loose roofing fix it immediately.

Have an Evacuation Plan To Keep Your Family And Pets Safe

Family and pets are the most important so it to keep them safe and have an evacuation plan so everyone can leave safely.


Floods can occur in all states and areas. Anyone can be subject to flooding.

Place Any valuables Into a Watertight Safe so Nothing Gets Damaged

Take any important documents and valuables into a watertight safe so it all stays undamaged.

Have an Evacuation Plan in Place

Before or after the flood, make sure you have an evacuation plan in place so everyone and you can get out of your home safely.

Have Safety Kits and First Aid Kits on Hand

In case of any injuries, have emergency kits on hand. Also, have emergency water and food supplies in case you’re stuck inside at home.

Get Flashlights and Batteries In Case of Blackouts

In case a blackout occurs, have flashlights and extra batteries at hand so you can see around you.

If You Cannot Evacuate the Building go to the Highest Floor

The highest floor will keep you away from getting stuck in the flood water. Stay there until the flood subsides or is more manageable.


Get an Alarm System

Alarm systems are a good and most popular way to scare off thieves as well as contact law enforcement right away. 

Lock and Secure Windows and Doors

This tip is probably a given but it is important to make sure everything is locked up to ensure no one can easily get in.

Use Timers for Your Lights Inside Your Home

You can buy timers that will turn your lights on at a certain time when you’re maybe not home. With the light on, thieves will believe somebody is home. 

Install Motion Lights

Motion lights outside will be like a spotlight on any thieves and will scare them away. It will warn you and any neighbors that someone or something is in your yard.