Drive Safely During the Fall Season with These 5 Tips

Fall is an enjoyable time of the year with cool crisp air and beautiful foliage. Fall also presents its own set of road hazards for drivers. Drive safely through fall with these five tips.

Stopped School Buses

Schools are back in session during the fall which means school buses are back on the roads. When a school bus has its flashing red lights on and/or has its stop arm extended, you must stop your car whether you are behind the bus or in front in the opposing lane. Remain stopped until the flashing lights are off, the stop arm is retracted and the bus starts moving again.

Leaves on the Road

Fallen leaves on the road present a safety hazard because they can obscure holes, bumps and objects on the road. Leaves retain moisture on their bottom surfaces which makes them slippery. Slow down and avoid hard braking and turning on them. Treat them as you would a patch of snow or ice. Beware of children playing in piles of leaves on the side of the road.

Distracted Leaf Peepers

Be alert to inattentive drivers enjoying the foliage. They may turn and stop suddenly to get out of their cars and appreciate the leaves. Their distracted driving may cause some to cross into your lane.

Glaring Sun in Your Windshield

The sun will be low in the sky during your morning and evening commute hours. Use your visor and sunglasses under these conditions and watch out for school children on the road, especially in the morning.

Frost on the Road

The roads are not treated during the fall which means that frost on the road surface will be slippery. Drive carefully on bridges and overpasses where frost tends to form first. Bridges don’t retain heat as does pavement on the ground. This means there is a sudden transition from good traction on a roadway to a slippery surface on a bridge. Always anticipate this when approaching a bridge.

Avoid unnecessary accidents and fender benders by being alert and mindful of these hazards when you drive during the fall.

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