Does Adding Wind-Resistant Roofing to Your Home Lower Costs?

High wind is a common cause of roof damage. Wind peels the shingles off the roof. It can cause tree branches to strike the roof. In tornadoes or hurricanes, intense wind can rip the entire roof off a home.

In these cases, your home insurance policy may help cover the losses. Avoiding such claims is a better plan. Now, effective roofing products work to minimize wind damage. Adding these could offer a number of benefits.

Know Your Risks

A good place to start when determining what type of roofing material to use is your location. If you live in an area with high wind, adding more wind-resistant roofing makes sense. Remember, you want to protect your home. A wind event can be life-threatening. It can lead to significant loss. Preventing this damage starts with securing your roof.

Choose the right material

Older homes are particularly at risk. Older materials offer less protection. Newer materials can provide more security and resistance against wind and impact. Both factors are important. Here are some tips.

Look at the rating.

Most products have a rating that communicates the durability the product offers. The product will likely note a class.

  • Class D provides protection up to 90 mph.
  • Class G provides protection up to 120 mph.
  • Class H provides protection for up to 150 mph.

The second two classes are best in wind-heavy areas. They provide near hurricane-strength protection. Compare products carefully.

Impact resistance matters, too.

Look also at the impact resistance the material can offer. Metal roofs, for example, are highly durable. Even in very strong impact situations, they tend to maintain their shape. Shingles damage quickly when hit. Compare a variety of products to find the best level of protection.

Choose the right material.

Material counts. Many roofing manufacturers understand the need for high wind resistance. Newer products have ample benefits. Even some affordable asphalt shingles offer wind protection. Metal, slate, and even eco-friendly products are available.

Homeowners need to balance the cost of these products with the protection they offer. Many newer materials are also aesthetically pleasing. Others are less so. Determine which is right for you. Then, let your home insurance agent know. Many times, they will offer a discount for high-end roofing. However, the classification and rating information will play a role in this.

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