Choosing between paying out of pocket and filing a claim

Being involved in a vehicle accident is usually a stressful experience. You’re concerned about injuries, automobile damage, and, of course, money. How do you determine whether paying for repairs out of pocket will save you money in the long run or just complicate things? We’ve got your back. When contemplating paying out of pocket after a vehicle accident, here are some considerations to consider.

Car accidents aren’t necessarily caused by other drivers; bad weather, inattentive driving, or vehicle failure can all result in single-car collisions. If your automobile is damaged after colliding with an inanimate item, the first thing you should do is check your deductible. If you back into your mailbox and damage your fender, for example, it may be more cost effective to pay for the repairs yourself rather than filing a claim with your insurance carrier. This is an easy case where paying out of pocket makes sense. But, you might be thinking, what’s the harm in submitting a claim if it was a small mishap that wasn’t necessarily my fault? Liability is a complex concept, and even if you’re not entirely to blame, an accident can raise your insurance premiums. If you and other drivers are involved in an accident, you should always submit a claim. Even if the damage to all of the vehicles is minimal and the other drivers agree that no one is to blame, it’s still a good idea to file a police report and make a claim with your insurance carrier. You never know if you or one of the other drivers may return home and discover that the vehicles have sustained more damage than you or they initially observed. If this occurs, your insurance company may refuse your claim, and you may be sued by one of the other drivers.

Even if the cost of car repairs exceeds your deductible, paying for them yourself may be the better option. Why? Because an increase in your insurance rate as a consequence of a claim might result in a higher long-term expense. La Familia Auto Insurance is committed to helping clients find the car insurance that is a perfect fit for them. When you come to us, you have our promise that we can get you targeted protection at affordable prices, even if you need non-standard insurance options. Don’t hesitate to get a quote on a personalized auto insurance policy right now! Contact us at (888) 751-7511 or request an online quote right now!

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