Best Ways to Organize Your New House!

So you’ve moved into your new home but now what? Unpacking can be overwhelming, not knowing where to put things in your new house and organize everything. We’re here to help!

First, you want your new home to be as clean and organized as possible. Start by unpacking toiletries, tools, and anything else you may need right away. Then start placing items in areas you will need them to go.

Find where your closets are for essential items and start placing things you need in them for easy access. Then place boxes you don’t quite need yet in the attic or garage to get them out of your way. Place the rest of the boxes in the appropriate room where you’ll be putting the items in the boxes.

Bed Room

Start by unpacking any items that will be going in drawers, closets, and anywhere else storage items may be placed. Place clothing items in their own designated drawers (ex. sock drawer) to make it easier to find items you need later. If you find you need additional storage don’t let that stop you! Just add it to your list so you can get it later.

Try to just put everything in its own place so your family and you can feel more comfortable in your new home.


Place everything you use on a daily basis in a place where it is easily accessible. If you’re sharing your bathroom with other family members, make designated places for all of their things so it’s easily accessible for them as well. Use drawer dividers and make separate storage like baskets for each family member so they know where their stuff is.

Make the most of the limited space by using the inside of cabinet doors and install hooks for hanging towels and robes. Don’t let the cabinet under the sink become a catch-all by using clear, labeled containers or caddies for toiletries like cosmetics, lotions, and toilet paper. And don’t forget to leave room for the clothes hamper.

If you have a ton of limited space, make the most out of it by using hooks in your cabinets to hang up towels and labeled baskets 


First, use sticky notes to label where things will go to make it easier to unpack your items.

Foods: Choose the areas where you will put your food and drinks. Your primary targets for these may be the fridge, cabinets, and pantry. Think about where you think spices and snacks will be best placed since you won’t be regularly using them and maybe place them where you’ll be prepping your food.

Non-consumables: Find a good and easily accessible place to put your regularly used items like dishware and silverware. Place your cookware nearest to your stove. Well-accessible areas could include drawers, pot racks, and cabinets. If you have items you do not use often place them in an easily accessible area that is also out of the way.

Cleaning area: Find an area near the sink and dishwasher where you can place cleaning supplies like dish detergent, scrub pads, and dishcloths.

Prep area: Store things you use to prep your foods nearby the area you are going to prepare your foods like the counter or kitchen island. You want to store prep items nearby so you can easily access them.

Cooking area: This area is where your stovetop, oven, and microwave are. You want to put your pots and pans in that area so you can easily find them when you want to cook. Placing big appliances around can be difficult but just place them where you see yourself using them the most.

Laundry Room

You may need to get a little creative when organizing your laundry room if it is a small space. Store your detergents and other laundry supplies close to your washing machine. To help with decluttering, install hooks into the inside of cabinet doors to place your brooms, mops, and ironing board. Invest in a 3-piece hamper so you can easily separate your lights, darks, and any delicates. This will make washing your clothes easier.

Family Room & Living Room

There are many ways to organize your family room! Get decorative baskets for blankets and clear baskets that can go under your couch to hold games, movies, and toys. Invest in a bookshelf to place all your books, placing books for adults higher up and kids’ books on the lower shelves for easy access. For bookends, get small baskets to hold smaller items. Then get an entertainment center for your TV for some extra space for organization.


Since the garage is on the outside, it’s easy to put a ton of stuff in it to keep it out of the house but this could end up being a huge mess. Take advantage of shelving and cabinets so you can organize easier. Place any rarely used items like seasonal stuff and get hardware to hang any of your gardening tools. Find a good out-of-the-way, yet accessible area to place your bulky equipment like lawn movers so they are not in the way. Anything that is used often like toys and bikes should be placed in an easily accessible area near the garage door. Then take anything hazardous like harsh cleaners and engine oil up on a higher shelf.

Moving can be stressful but have fun with your organizing and place everything in a way that is easily accessible for you and your family. Once you’re settled in your new home, you’ll be happy you placed everything in an organized way!

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