5 Things To Consider When You're Changing Your Policy

Although Dallas auto insurance is undoubtedly a necessity, changing your policy may be a good idea. You might find that you’re able to get better value for your money or that you’re offered more efficient coverage. Other times, a bad experience with your company might drive you away from their service and on some rare occasions, they might even drop you due to no fault of your own.

It’s strongly advisable that you research and shop around for auto insurance every two to three years. Very often new policies make their appearance on the market and new providers may have to offer you exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re in the middle of your plan and have decided to switch policies, then you are most likely experiencing poor service or have found that your provider’s rates are not working for you anymore. Whatever the reason, there are five very important things to consider when changing your policy, so make a note of them to avoid disappointment.

1. Compare other prices of the same coverage. Do some research and find out what other providers charge for this exact coverage. If you find that you’re paying a lot more, call your auto insurance company and give them the chance to meet the rates that you were quoted. If they do, there is no reason to worry. If they refuse to do so, you may want to contact your state insurance department and check whether other customers have filed complaints against the same company. Follow their example if you deem it necessary.

2. Once you have found the policy that you want to switch to, fill out the application a month in advance. Ask for your new plan to begin on the date that you’re cancelling the old one. You don’t want to be left even one day uninsured. People often forget to do this and a lot can happen in between policies, so don’t allow any.

3.  Make sure you let your old provider know that you’re cancelling on the anniversary. Even if you’re a little late, the company will charge you and it will become harder if not impossible to get your money back. Also, there is a short amount of time you need to allow before your insurer can cancel your policy.

4. Put it in writing. To protect yourself and your insurer from any confusion, keep record of all communication. From the minute you notify your insurance provider, until your final cancelation, everything should be in writing to avoid potential problems from arising.

5. Never stop paying for your coverage. Even if you are experiencing a poor service or have found a better policy to sign up with, never simply stop paying. It may make sense that you should just cancel your policy payments, but this is definitely not a good idea. It will eventually show on your credit report.

Sometimes changing your policy can be necessary and you may feel strongly about making the switch as soon as possible. However, there are a few crucial moves to keep in mind while switching. Allow your old insurer to meet the lower rates you have found, but sign up early with your new insurer, if your old one doesn’t accept to give you a better price. Without stopping payments on your old policy, make sure you discuss the matter in writing and request cancellation while stating your case. Cancel on the anniversary and not a day later, to avoid disappointment.

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