3 Things to Consider Before Installing a Pool

Many families like the idea of having a pool in their own backyard. They can imagine lounging around the pool while the kids splash about. A pool provides entertainment for the entire summer. If you are a homeowner considering installing a pool this year, there are some things to think through first. Here are three tips to evaluate before you start installation.

1. Location

Make sure the yard is large enough to include a pool. Will you miss the space that the pool takes up? Will landscaping have to be changed to accommodate the pool? Will you have the privacy you desire? Look into zoning requirements for your town. You will likely be required to install a fence. It is also important to verify that the pool will be the appropriate distance from all property lines. To make sure the pool is legally installed, you will need to get the proper permits and inspections.

2. Maintenance

Keeping the chemicals at the correct level is necessary for safe swimming. An imbalance may cause swimmers to get sick or could cause burning eyes or other injuries. Before you install a pool, determine who will be responsible for the maintenance. Another option is to hire pool cleaners.

3. Safety

Safety is the top concern for homeowners with a pool. Families with small children need to make sure they consider all safety measures that will prevent accidental drowning. Self-locking gates, pool alarms and locking ladders are recommended. Keep in mind that as a homeowner you can even be held liable for the safety of an uninvited swimming guest. If a neighborhood child gains access to your pool and is injured, you can be found at fault.

After you have evaluated the three items listed above, you will be in a position to make a good decision about whether installing a pool is a good option for your family. If you decide to go forward with the pool, be sure you hire an installation company with positive reviews and a good record of service.

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