Does Car Insurance Cover Damaged Headlights and Bumpers?

4/20/2018 4:57:40 PM

Dented car bumperYou're in a car accident. Your bumper has damage. The headlight has a crack in it. Should you file a claim with your auto insurance provider?

The job of the bumper is to be the first part of the vehicle hit in an accident. It helps reduce some of the impact and potential protect you and your family. But, repairing or replacing a bumper can be expensive. Car insurance can help in some cases.

What Caused the Bumper and Headlight Damage?

Auto insurance provides coverage for specific instances based on the type of plan you have. Here are a few scenarios to consider.

Car insurance does not often cover normal wear and tear. A rusted bumper that falls off while driving does not have coverage. A headlight that stops working and needs replacement does not apply here.

Factor in Your Deductible

Before filing a car insurance claim, consider your deductible. This is the amount you must pay before your policy pays for the damage. If your deductible is $500 and it will cost $250 to repair the bumper, the plan will not pay you anything. But, if the damage is more significant, for example $750, then the policy may pay $250 towards the repairs.

What Other Damage Occurred?

There are some situations in which vehicle damage is significant. Another vehicle slams into your front bumper. The headlight cracks and the bumper has significant damage. However, after an estimate, you learn the accident caused a split in the vehicle's frame. The engine has damage. In these cases, the damage may be significant. The insurer may decide to total the vehicle. In this case, the policy may pay you the value of the vehicle at the time of the accident. This can assist you in buying a new car.

Call your auto insurance provider. Inquire about an inspection for the damage. You can also provide a description of what happened. Your agent can tell you if you have coverage. He or she can tell you the next step to pay to get repairs, too.

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